WANDERLUST… The overwhelming desire or impulse to travel and discover the world.

  At Amalfi Resort, we are all ‘Wanderlusters’…. Sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it! As I’ve written above, wanderlust means that you have a strong desire to see the world, discover and experience life outside your urban environment.   Just sounds pretty awesome now doesn’t it! I’m calling on you to find out if you share the same passion.   Ask yourself the following questions and if you agree, you are officially a part of a global club of like-minded people that just downright LOVE LOVE LOVE Travel!   10 Signs you are a WANDERLUSTER too: 1.    You value experiences, not just things; 2.    Your first question is “where are you from?” not “how are you?” when meeting someone for the first time; 3.    You’ve mastered the art of beating jetlag; 4.    You know many currency conversions without looking them up; 5.    You can say “hello” and “thank you” in multiple languages; 6.    You answer “where did you get that from?” with a country instead of a brand; 7.    You pla